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Cicibebe iPhone Application!


You can access everything about Cicibebe, ask for concerts, listen to our songs and more through our new iPhone application. And as usual it's all free, just click here. (And by the way, Kıvanç is back from military service but still no concerts ahead)

Last Nail in the (our?!) Coffin is out!


Here we are to release our first album.. But wait! The CD is empty!

There’s no password, program or music in the CD. It is completely empty. The songs in the album are available to download in MP3 format for free and the listener who wants to have a physical album will be able to get it for 1 USD/1Euro/1 TL depending on the country and burn the songs in it.

We don’t expect any income from the CD sales. It is enough for us to state that there’s no difference left between a music CD and an empty CD, and to be the ones who said the final word.

Video for "N'olur Affetmeyin Beni" is out!


You can watch the first video from our album shot for the song called "N'olur Affetmeyin Beni". You can watch it from this website, if you would want to listen a rock song in Turkish and us getting beaten by around 50 people for no apparent reason.

cicibebe's first music video